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3 Ways You Might Be Perpetuating Your Own Pest Problem


If a clean, cozy home is important to you, dealing with a pest infestation might feel like a nightmare. In addition to grossing out your guests, certain pest control problems can significantly damage your home or leave you battling additional allergies. Here are three ways you might be perpetuating pest control problems and what you can do to make things right.

1. Ignoring Damaged Plumbing

A lot of people have damp and dreary basements, which is why you might not think twice about a puddle or two in your unfinished space or cold storage room. Unfortunately, leaving water out in the open can attract pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, centipedes, and even drain flies.

These pests love moist, protected places like homes because they can avoid larger predators outdoors, such as rodents and spiders. Additionally, warm, wet areas also create excellent areas for breeding, which creates more of a pest control issue for homeowners.

If you have noticed any water-loving pests in your home, evaluate your entire space for plumbing or water damage. Look for things like moist carpet, bubbling paint, or damp smells. If you spot issues in your home, talk with a professional plumber in addition to a pest control professional. After the water sources are closed off, your exterminator can spray the areas thoroughly to prevent further pest problems.

2. Mulching Too Close to Your Home

If you have a flower garden, you likely add mulch to your flower beds to create an incredible amount of contrast between flowers and the ground and to protect delicate roots from the pounding rays of the sun. However, if you have flowerbeds that surround your home, you must watch the thickness of your mulch layer to prevent termite infestations.

Since termites are attracted to wood, they are drawn to mulch, which tends to hold onto moisture and create an easy, readily available food source for the pests. Unfortunately, if mulch is piled too high and too close to your home, termites can use the mulch as a jumping point to gain access to wood siding or insulation, allowing them into your home.

To prevent these kinds of pest problems, professionals recommend maintaining a "mulch-free zone" of at least six inches from the start of your foundation. Because it can be easy for wind and water to push mulch closer to your home, rake the ground around your place frequently to keep mulch piles at bay. If you can, try to choose a ground cover that wouldn't attract termites, such as rubber mulch chips or decorative rocks.

3. Not Being Careful With Suitcases

Bed bugs are another common problem plaguing American homes today, causing everything from mild discomfort to extreme allergic reactions and rashes. Unfortunately, many people bring bed bugs home from their last vacation, since these pests often hitch a ride on suitcases.

Because suitcases are often stashed on or below the bed in hotel rooms, bed bugs can make their way into clothing and personal belongings and then set up shop in your home when you plop your suitcase on your bed to unpack.

You can prevent this kind of bed bug transfer by setting your suitcase on the bathroom floor until you check the room for pest infestations. Look for the signs of pest problems by looking underneath the sheets in your hotel room when you travel, with special attention to the seam areas.

Although there is a lot you can do to prevent pest infestations, even the most vigilant travelers and homeowners can find themselves with problems. The next time you notice a rogue pest or two, give us a call at ChemScape Pest Control and Termite Services. With 24-hour emergency response teams and a focus on doing every job thoroughly, we can help you to stay comfortable and protect your family. Give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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