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Teach Your Children Habits to Prevent Pest Problems

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Kids can develop a lot of bad habits, and some of those bad habits can lead to pest problems. One of the best things you can do to prevent this from happening is to teach your children good habits that prevent pests. Show your kids what to do and teach them why they should prevent infestations to help keep your home a safe, clean, pest-free place to live.  

Don't Take Food to the Bedroom

You probably clean your dining room frequently because of the crumbs and food parts that find their way to the floor. But you might not do the same with the bedrooms, living room, and other rooms of the house.
If your kids eat in places that don't get cleaned up frequently, animals and bugs can find leftover pieces of food and infest the home. Instruct your children to limit food eating behaviors to the rooms that are cleaned frequently to stop this from being a problem. 

Never Feed the Wildlife

A lot of kids like wildlife like raccoons, deer, and other animals. Some of these animals are dangerous, and others are just pests. If you feed the animals, you can unintentionally make them more dangerous and encourages them to stick around.
Teach your children to stay away from local wildlife. If they do see an animal in the yard, ask them to report it to you so you can call the pest control company or deal with it accordingly. 

Keep the Screens Closed

Screens seem to block the fresh breeze, so some older children may open their bedroom screens in the summer to keep their bedroom cool. They may not realize that screens also prevent bug and animal infestations. Teach your children to keep the screen windows shut. If they're hot in their bedroom, offer to turn on the HVAC system or put a fan in the window for extra air circulation. 

Shut the Door Behind You

Many children forget to shut the door when they come in the house, but an open front door as a perfect place for bugs and mice to enter. Teach your child to always shut the door when coming inside. 

Take Out the Trash the Right Way

If your child is responsible for cleaning up the kitchen at night, teach your child to take out the trash every evening. If you leave the trash in the garbage overnight, even if the trash bag is only half full, the smell can attract gnats, mice, roaches, and other common pests. 

Report Leaks in the Bathroom

Leaks under the sink and in other parts of the bathroom can attract mice and lead to pest infestation. Pests need to drink, too! At hot, dry times of the year, mice and insects will come indoors looking for moisture. 
If your child is responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own bathroom, instruct them to tell you right away if a leak develops. Show your child how to check under the sink for leaks and other problems, then ask them to do it regularly. 

Keep Your Room Free of Clutter

Clutter creates hiding places for mice and roaches. Toys that are left scattered around the room, stacks of homework and other papers, and piles of clothes can provide what rodents and insects need to create a nest. Some pests will even consume paper or cloth.
Have your child keep their room clean and free of clutter to keep pests away. You may even encourage your child to clear out their room periodically to get rid of those things that are no longer needed. 

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Have more questions about how you and your children can keep your home free of pests? Contact Chem Scape! We're happy to answer any questions you might have about keeping your home free of insects and rodents.
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