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Expert Exterminator for Commercial Properties in Nashville

While business locations are generally much different than residential ones, most companies still need excellent commercial pest control services to keep them safe from harmful critters. At ChemScape Pest Control and Termite Services, we are dedicated to protecting your establishment from insects and bugs by offering experienced, thorough pest prevention in the Nashville area.


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    Professional Bug Removal for Health Care Facilities, Schools & Other Businesses

    No matter what type of commercial property you need an exterminator for, we’ve got you covered with over 50 years of combined commercial pest control experience. Some of the businesses we cover include:

    food service
    • Food Service: There is nothing that deters patrons faster than pesky flies or other unsanitary insects in an establishment that serves food. Our team is well-equipped and will draw up a pest management plan with you to tackle whatever problems you might be facing in your kitchen.
    health care
    • Health Care: Keeping patient areas clean and hygienic is vital to all health care facilities. With our expert methods and customizable plans, we are able to scientifically keep your clinic up to code by complying with medical experts’ research and techniques.
    multi-family residence
    • Multi-Family: Getting residents into your complex is one thing, but getting them to stay by offering pristine living conditions is a feat in and of itself. Making sure that their residence is free from unwanted pests with our individualized plans not only keeps your retention rate high, but also keeps their families and loved ones safe throughout the year.
    office building
    • Office Building: Whether you’re the owner of a large corporation or small business, the efficiency of your employees depends on the conditions in which they work. We understand that every property and type of business is different, which is why we make sure to work with you to get rid of the circumstances that could attract uninvited guests and keep those pesky critters out.
    • Schools: Insects are often attracted to schools due to the large supply of shelter, food and water that is typically found there. Without extermination services, flies, roaches and rodents can become a challenge to school administration. Our thorough inspections and plans ensure a school free from obnoxious critters.
    • Industrial: Keeping your industrial facility free from pests allows your business to function safely and pass the necessary audits and inspections. Our team is skilled in performing the examinations and treatments to handle your bug issue now and for years to come.

    Serving Brentwood & Surrounding Areas

    When it comes to proper pest control, ChemScape Pest Control and Termite Services has got the Brentwood and Nashville areas covered. Our 50 years of combined experience helps you rest easy knowing that your commercial area is taken care of. Give us a call at 615-826-0388 to schedule your free consultation today!

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