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Nashville’s Best Selection of Insect Control Services

When it comes to other pest services, ChemScape Pest Control and Termite Services offers the widest selection of exceptional insect control products in all of Nashville. We know how important it is that all of your extermination needs be taken care of with one company, not split up into several different visits. Our team, with over 50 years of combined experience, is able to determine what you need and take care of it quickly, giving you reassurance that you’re covered in all areas of pest removal.

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    Offering Mosquito, Flea, Ant, Spider & Tick Treatment

    While some may think that insect control stops at termites and roaches, our services extend to any creepy, crawling or flying pest you can think of! Some of the pests we treat for include:

    • Mosquitos: Nothing kills the mood to your summer gathering more than being bombarded by annoying mosquitos. Let us help you conquer your itchy problem with our thorough inspection, treatment and prevention plans.
    • Carpenter Ants: Being infested with ants is not only a nuisance, but can also be hazardous to the health and structure of your home. With their burrowing nature, it can seem impossible to keep carpenter ants at bay. Have no fear; our dedicated team implements a proven monitoring system to get the ants out and keep them out.
    • Fleas: Your four-legged friends are like another member of your family, but sometimes they bring things home that are less than desirable. Keeping your home free from fleas, especially during warm months, can be hard once they’ve found a way in. This is why we inspect and treat your entire home as well as offer tips on how to keep them at bay year-round.
    • Ticks: Ticks love to live in bushes, trees and shrubbery, which can cause a problem when spending time in your backyard is such an enjoyable thing to do. Making sure that your yard is tick-free is crucial to your loved ones’ health and safety because ticks can carry a variety of diseases. We specialize in both the treatment and prevention of ticks after our initial detailed inspection.
    • Moisture: There aren’t many things that can cause as much long-term damage as recurrent moisture can. From peeling paint to stuffy odors, moisture build-up can cause many issues, including mold, structural problems and termite attraction. From our first detailed examination to our implementation, we’ll get your home clean and dry in no time.
    stinging pests
    • Stinging Pests: From bees to wasps to hornets, stinging pests are guests you never want invited to your summertime party. These insects can build their homes in a variety of places and can be tricky to locate. With our experienced team, we’ll make sure that each nest is located, removed and treated properly to prevent them from resurfacing.
    brown recluse
    • Brown Recluse Spiders: As a spider who dwells primarily in the South-Central region of the U.S., it is important to treat your home for these dark-loving creatures regularly. We know their favorite hiding spots and can devise a proper plan to ensure your home won’t be bothered by the brown recluse.

    Also Serving Brentwood & Nearby Areas

    From ridding your home of harmful critters to our premium commercial pest control services, we at ChemScape Pest Control and Termite Services know what it means to take care of our clients in the Nashville and Brentwood areas. We are proud to treat each of our customers like family, and it shows. Give us a call at 615-826-0388 to schedule your free consultation today!

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